~ High Dimensional Therapy Series ~

 “As we are all evolving collectively, the methods of how we help the evolution of an individual and relationship system also needs to evolve alongside this. I, along with many others, recognise the importance of bringing new powerful ways of healing and self empowerment into normalcy. This is the purpose of High Dimensional Therapy, and I am honoured to be one of these people who are able to bring these powerful new approaches into life.”


~ Kimberley Leite

Kimberley is a certified Counsellor and Relationship Therapist, who was guided to create High Dimensional Therapy (HDT), a uniquely powerful and exclusive technique that combines channeling with Counselling techniques. HDT assists in working through your life challenges, relationship issues, or Dark Night of The Soul. The intensity of the channeling will be brought forth in a way that matches what you are ready to hear for your highest good. The session is run like a therapy session, however the information coming forth is based on higher perspectives through channeling the Divine realm. As such, you also experience a deeply healing presence with healing activations taking place, from the energies elicited and transmitted within the session. This powerful modality also uses healing and high vibrational approaches based on love, forgiveness, compassion, and Oneness teachings. HDT also consists of a channeled, guided meditation which includes Sacred Sound Alchemy, a Light Language activation through vocal vibrational sounds and words, to assist you in connecting to your heart centre and your true Divine self. This prepares you energetically and emotionally for the session journey.


The client that is featured on our High Dimensional Therapy Series, is Kimberley’s sister Melinda, who has bravely allowed others to be witness for her journey from disempowerment to empowerment. By witnessing her journey inwards, you also activate greater healing within you, as you remember and align more to the complete and perfect being that you are.


In relation to the distinction between traditional counselling or psychotherapy with HDT in this series, due to the family relationship with Kimberley, traditional therapy in this case would not be highly effective due to bias, however as HDT is conducted through the channeling process, Kimberley only remains in the background of the sessions, and plays the role of facilitator and observer of the journey.


For more info on HDT and how to experience it for yourself, please click here


Listen to the High Dimensional Therapy Series below.

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