~ Kimberley's Journey ~

Kimberley started seeing angelic beings in her adolescent years. Then in 2008, while working as a Spa Therapist, she discovered a natural ability to perform energy healing. This coincided with a period of intense mystical experiences, and Kimberley's first full embodied channeling experience. These experiences led her to her Reiki Grand Master Teacher who teaches the Original Seven Level System of Reiki, in which Kimberley started her Reiki journey in the same year of 2008 with him.

Some years later after experiencing trauma, Kimberley felt strongly guided to help others become empowered. As a result, Kimberley trained and became a professional Counsellor and Relationship Therapist, and combined these modalities with Reiki, which  culminated in her own private practice.

As with divine timing, at the beginning of 2017, Kimberley began a new wave of higher awakening and began seeing and communicating with a variety of different non physical love based beings. Then within a matter of weeks, Kimberley was able to fully embody these Beings of The Light, allowing her to trance channel them and have them speak out of her.

~ Qualifications ~



Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling   

~ Australian Institute of Relationship Studies (AIRS) 

~ a division of Relationships Australia

Bachelor of Counselling


~ Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)

​Reiki Degree 5A 


~ Original Seven Level System, the Usui System of Universal Energy

~ Reiki Empowerment Seminars  (2008 - present)

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