~Energy Exchange Rates~

Ascension Channeling Privates



45 min ~ $120

75 min ~ $160



5 x 45 min

~ $540

5 x 75 min

~ $720

Ascension Channeling Privates

In Person

1 hour ~ $140


Contact us for more information here

Ascension Channeling Group Sessions

(3 + people)

Online & In Person 

Contact us for more information here

Ascension Channeling Private Video Message



~ $60

High Dimensional Therapy

Online & In Person

1 hour ~ $170



High Dimensional Therapy Couple Session

(2 people)

Online & In Person

75 min ~ $190

High Dimensional Therapy Family Session

(2 + people)

Online & In Person

90 min ~ $240


Contact us for more information on all HDT In Person sessions here

Sacred Sound Ascension Alchemy

(Distant Reiki/ Sound Alchemy + Audio Recording)


~ $90


5 x Sessions

~ $405

Sacred Sound Alchemy Therapy

(Hands on Reiki + Sound Alchemy)

In Person

45 min ~ $120


Contact us for more information here

Reiki Therapy

Full Body Healing Reiki

In Person

Assists the healing of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of oneself. The treatment also creates balance in the mind, glands and organs throughout the body, immune system, and the cerebral fluid flowing along the spinal column. It also detoxifies the body and assists in digestion, treats muscular tension and reduces stress.


80 min ~ $180

Peaceful Equilibrium Reiki

In Person

Involves chakra balancing and extends the bliss filled energy into the heart centre. It also dissolves grief and loss, sadness and anger. When there is grief, it allows you to move through the stages of grief more smoothly and at a faster pace, all  bringing you a deep feeling of balance, inner joy and love.


1 hour ~ $160

Deep Healing Serenity Reiki

In Person

A powerful chakra balancing session that includes giving you temporary Reiki level 1 booster attunements, which intensely clears away stagnant and blocked energy. The Reiki energy is then activated to continuously flow from the palms of your hands which lasts around 5-7 days.

45 min ~ $160

Western Union money transfers available. Click here to contact Kimberley

*Please note all services are in American Dollar currency. To convert your currency see here

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