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Ascension Channeling Sessions

Talk live to the Beings of The Light in person or Online by Kimberley channeling them in session. The beings will discuss how the teachings can assist you in your life, and highlight higher perspectives of what is occurring behind the scenes of your reality. The Ascension Teachings consist of Universal Laws, esoteric knowledge, and teachings of Oneness, allowing you to live an empowered life, living in alignment with who you truly are, and within the higher perspective of how physical reality works. Ultimately, the Ascension Teachings allows you to live more in freedom, with both knowledge and practical tools to transcend perceived limitations and fear, to live a life full of love, joy, and courageously exploring your life purpose.

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High Dimensional Therapy (HDT)


Experience personal channeling sessions through this exclusive and unique counselling approach, that Kimberley was guided to create with the Beings of The Light. These sessions combine channeling with counselling techniques, to assist in working through your life challenges, relationship issues, or Dark Night of the Soul. The intensity of the channeling will be brought forth in a way that matches what you are ready to hear for your highest good. The session is run like a therapy session, however the information coming forth is based on higher perspectives through channeling the Divine realm. As such, you also experience a deeply healing presence from the channeling experience. This powerful modality also uses healing approaches based on love, forgiveness, compassion, and Oneness teachings. HDT also consists of a channeled, guided meditation which includes Sacred Sound Alchemy, a Light Language activation through vocal sounds and words, to assist you in connecting to your heart centre and your true Divine self. This prepares you energetically and emotionally for the session journey. If you are ready to explore who you are and perceived challenges in your life from a higher, and true healing perspective, then you are ready for HDT.

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Ascension Channeling Private Video Message

Send in your question to be answered with a private video message from the Beings of The Light. Do you have a particular challenge you would like some clarifying insight into? Do you have a particular question that has been with you for some time, and seek to have the elusive 'aha' moment?

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Sacred Sound Alchemy

Live Light Language

Channeled Source Codes are used in these online, healing and consciousness raising sessions. Kimberley sings and hand signs her unique Light Language through Goddess Isis, which follows a brief, channeled and guided meditation, to prepare you for the Light Language transmission. The Light Language channeled through Kimberley, assists in the process of going deeper within, creating consciousness expansion, raising of your energy vibration by activating your dormant DNA, and bringing more Light into your cells. With the singing based largely on sound vibrational tones, they are described as ‘harmonies of creation’ by Source, with Goddess Isis describing them as ‘tones of creation’ and ‘tones of the Gods’. These codes are also further encoded to assist you on a personal level that it unique to you, by imprinting the Light Language using your session intentions. As a result, you will receive the powerful healing, ascension activations, and consciousness expanding effects, live within the session, as well as with the session recordings that you will receive.

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Sacred Sound Ascension Alchemy

Channeled Source Codes are used in these distant healing and consciousness raising sessions. Kimberley sings her unique Light Language through Goddess Isis, with the healing and ascension activations being made unique to you, by using distant Reiki techniques. As a result, you will receive the powerful healing and consciousness expanding effects via Reiki's Universal Life Force Energy, as well as through the Light Language, audio transmission recording that you will receive.

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* All online sessions come with a video recording

~ More about Reiki ~

Reiki is an energy based whole body treatment, that works on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of your being. It is also known as a Biofield Therapy as it works on the energy field of a person and energy systems within the body. Reiki enhances and increases the body's natural healing process and promotes wellbeing. The foundations of Reiki as we know it today was rediscovered in the early part of the 1900’s in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui, which Usui was then guided to name as Reiki. Reiki translates to ‘Universal life force energy which exists in all living organisms, and the spiritual realms of one’s soul’. ‘Rei’ in Japanese means ‘Universal Source’, and ‘Ki’ means ‘life force energy’. This Universal life force energy already exists in all living things, however the challenges of life can deplete the levels needed for optimal health, well being, and ultimately empowerment. As Universal life force energy already exists in all things, Reiki is equally effective in person and being sent distantly.


The origins of Reiki and the application of this life force energy, dates back to ancient Tibet and ancient India. A language of energy, which defines Reiki at its foundation, was found in an ancient Sanskrit sutra text which Dr Usui discovered within a guarded monastery, to which he was granted special access. The ancient sutra text is dated at being over 2500 years old, which contained the seven Reiki symbol 'keys'. However there is evidence that dates the practice of Reiki in ancient Tibet to be over 10,000 years old. Additionally, other ancient civilizations also utilised universal life force energy for their healing practices, including Egypt, Greece, China and Rome. 

Kimberley is aligned to the authentic, Original Seven Level System of Reiki, meaning that it has not been modified or changed in anyway. This translates to the Original Seven Level System of Reiki coming from the highest light level, and purest form of Universal life force energy. Additionally, the levels describing this system refer to our 7 main energy center's, also known as chakra's or energy vortexes. These are ultimately our centers of consciousness which ascend in order from the base of our spine up to the crown of our head.


Reiki is practiced all over the world, and is not affiliated or based on any religious faith, tradition or practice. Reiki is also practiced in numerous settings, such as in private practice, hospitals, as well as other medical and health care settings. The Original Seven Level System of Reiki has no contraindications, therefore it is completely safe for people of all ages and conditions, which can be used anytime and anywhere.

~ Reiki Lineage ~

The Original Seven Level System of Reiki ~ The complete and authentic system

Kimberley is attuned to the The Original Seven Level System of Reiki, the complete and authentic Reiki system. This system consists of 7 Practitioner Degrees and 3 Teacher Degree levels. Importantly, with the higher and purer Reiki healing energy used as a result of this Reiki system, the greater and faster speed of healing and regeneration occurs for your mind, body, and spirit.

Direct Lineage

Dr Mikao Usui

Dr Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Dr Barbara Weber Ray

Sir Gary Samer

Dez Dalton

Kimberley Leite

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