~ Testimonials ~


I was led to Kimberley's services during a time of uncertainty, and I'm beyond grateful that I was! She is very kind, very personal, but also very professional and focused on results. She's gifted in many modalities and I have personally benefitted from several of them. 

Kimberley has been like a beacon in a storm for me, and I highly recommend her to anyone! She has definitely motivated me, helped me to become more confident in my relationships and helped me to become more of who I truly am. She has helped me to feel validated and assisted in the forward momentum of my personal journey. Kimberley is a professional, but more than that, she is a compassionate friend who cares deeply about helping others and promoting wellness on Earth!


~ Jenni


Kimberley is an exceptionally clear and gifted channel for the divine. Deities and other higher beings of the Light speak through her with great clarity, power, precision, and illumination. They speak in language but also, at times, in the form of light codes that help individuals and groups to ascend further, enhancing awakening and to further propel them along their path. Beings of the Light is a highly original community that is of great service to our mass Enlightenment.


~ Lauren


I highly recommend Kimberley if you are ready to take your spiritual and emotional evolution further. She has many gems in her toolbox and all of them have assisted me, from reconnecting with my inner wisdom and staying grounded during Reiki to answering my most burning spiritual questions during personalised Light Beings Channelling. Since meeting Kimberley, I have not stopped being inspired and fulfilled in my growth and I am excited to continue to work with her.


~ Olivia

I believe anyone intuitive and sophisticated enough to be at this website knows that all minds are connected. Also we all know that there are some people who are much more sensitive to this 'all connectedness’, Kimberley is one of these very fortunate people. Her psychic sensitivity allows her to see into the roots of problems and from that insight find real practical working solutions, that could not have happened without her intuitive abilities. She's brought me healing and comfort. From my personal experience of Kimberley, I know she was born with a healing gift and a heart love for all nature and all people.

In the treatment environment you can feel the depth of her training and she's had lots of experience with all kinds of people, that gave me a sense of assurance in her care. So I suggest you do as I did, it doesn't take much time or cost much to find out what a treatment could do. I feel stronger and more enthusiastic about life following her intuitive, High Dimensional Therapy sessions.

~ Glenn


Kimberley channels ascendant masters and beings of light to assist our transformation from fear to love, our human evolution of expansion. These teachings that Kimberley channels, beings of light talk through her, having a conversation with us. This allows us to remember who we truly are. Who are we, you ask?  We are limitless beings of pure positive love living in physical reality. Not sure about that? That's Ok, because because we are in a dream, or the illusion. Think of it like this, when we dream. while we asleep, we have an understanding that our ego created that dream or our mind.  We are expression or manifesting our fears or desires, it is the same in the waking state. But it feels like we are not creating like we do our dreams. We are the creator. These teachings helps us remember that we are one and we are not alone, we have access to ALL THERE IS, Source.


~ Isabelle

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